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Welcome...The Turkish Angora is still a secret tip in the wide cat world
The cat, as a pet is more popular today, than it ever was. Cats have always been a part of my life. Only in the rare, relatively unknown breed Turkish Angora I found everything what the word "cat" means to me personally: a sensitive, intelligent, sociable „friend“, who's elegance and loving charm you can't evade; her silky semilong coat invites one to pad her without having to care about it a lot; the robust health and the original instincts as one appreciates with semiwild cats living on a farm; the mystical look from her almond-shaped eyes telling one more than words could ever say....
As the native country Turkey builds a bridge between the Orient and Europe, the Turkish Angora also builds such a bridge; in appearance and character she's something in between the extremes of the cat world with a slight tendency to the slender oriental breeds. It was a very lucky coincidence for me to become aquainted with this fascinating natural breed! A big moment that had a permanent strong influence on our family life...

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