Physical appearance


The Turkish Angora is an elegant, well balanced, attractive cat. She belongs to the Semi-Longhair breeds. Her coat is without any woolly undercoat and therefore extremely easy to look after. Like many other breeds, Turkish Angoras differ in their physical appearance. It is a question of personal standard interpretation by the different breeders, judges and owners. This standard (below) describes in words, how a Turkish Angora should look like.
My special thanks to David Brinicombe of the British FIFe member club CA, who sent me the original English version of  FIFe-STANDARD TUA (10.1.94)


General  Appearance  Very well proportioned in all aspects, graceful and lithe  , giving the impression of grace and flowing motion 
Size  medium size for   females
males are slightly larger 
Head  Shape  small to medium size, wedge shaped, wide at the top , tapering slightly towards the chin 
Nose  of medium length, gentle slope,  no stop or break 
Chin  gently rounded, the tip to form a perpendicular line with the nose  
Jaw  tapered 
Ears  Shape long, pointed, wide at the base; 
well furnished and tufted
Placement  set high on the head, erect 
Eyes  Shape  large, almond in shape; 
slanting slightly upwards 
Colour  All colours allowed. 
Neck    of medium length; slender and graceful 
Body  Structure  fine boned ; light framed chest, torso slender, graceful, lithe.
Hind part slightly higher than front. 
Legs    long; 
hind legs longer than the front legs 
Paws  small, round and dainty; 
tufts between the toes
Tail    long and tapering; wide at the base, narrow at the end. 
Well furnished.
The tail is carried lower than the body, but not trailing down. When moving the tail is carried horizontally over the body, sometimes almost touching the head. 
Coat  Structure  Body coat of medium length; long at the frill.
The hair is very fine and shows a silky-like sheen. The coat is silky and sleek, slightly wavy on the stomach. 
No undercoat. 
Colour  All colours are allowed, including all varieties with white; except pointed patterns, Burmese factor, chocolate and lilac, cinnamon and fawn colours. 
  • Allowance to be made for  jowls in adult males
  • The frill is not fully grown during the first year. 
  • Summer coat is definitely shorter than winter coat. 
Disqualification Body  Persian body type 




100 Points 

Head  general shape, forehead, jaw and teeth, chin 
Shape and placement of ears 
Eyes  shape and colour  10 
Body  shape, size, bone structure 
legs and shape of paws 
Tail  shape and length  15 
Coat  quality and texture, length  15 

For recognized colour varieties refer to Maine Coons (FIFe's "red" book)


13th February 1999