The character of a Turkish Angora


Ja klar, ich liebe Euch auch!If a Turkish Angora grows up in a family, she chooses a person, whom she follows and who gets all her special love and attention.She is no typical lap-cat but loves it to be always in vicinity of her master. From this person she demands much love and attention. Angoras often touch someone's face gently with their paws, sit on someone's shoulder or snuggle close to someone's neck. They give kisses and "clean" their master , if he allows it. They nibble on the earlap, the chin or the nose. Turks like to chat. With their nice melodic voice they often comment the doing of their master.
If you call the cat, you won't stay without answer. Turks play long and tireless with everything and everybody. They are dexterous mouse hunters, if they have the chance. They love to climb and are real jump wonders. If you have an Angora at home you should clear up the wardrobes and place a blanket or a cushion there. This will be the favorite sleeping or observation place in the apartment.
The Turkish Angora is a very gregarious race, which you shouldn't keep alone. If it is impossible to give her company, she follows her master everywhere and suffers if she is left alone, the whole day. She gets along with other cats and dogs fine. A Turkish Angora is an ideal playmate for children, as she loves them. When a baby is born in her family, she knows it is a "human kitten" which she has to be careful and tolerant with.
The better you treat your Turkish Angora, the more joy she will bring into your life. Never force her to do anything, she'd give you voluntary.

Warning: If you decided for this breed, be aware of the possibility to become addicted to it!!!



February 1998, updated 11 February 1999