Breeding Turkish Angoras

You bring your calling cat to the stud, if you don't have him at home and pick her up after a few days. In most cases your cat is pregnant then, you don't only hope for it. A harmonic time of waiting till birth follows. When the time has come the owner rarely has to help in an active way, except for the normal birth preparations ( litter box...).
Antonio B. PINARDAN, first TUA male in UK?Angoras are excellent mothers. They need their owner only as a morale support and when the kittens get older. Those, who have the father at home can confirm, that he also takes lovable care of his children. An average litter consists of 3-4 kittens. They grow up and begin to eat independently at the age of about 4 weeks. Mother, father or sometimes the whole cat family raise the kittens.
During this time a permanent contact to humans is very important. A kitten, raised in such an harmonic and relaxed environment can be released to it's new home at the age of 12-16 weeks. We hope to find an excellent ever-lasting home for each of them. It is a melancholic time when they leave the house, one after the other. Certainly one can imagine that a hobby breeder scrutinizes the future owner and the future living conditions of the kitten closely. Some long lasting friendships have already been developed like that..

can these eyes lie?Up till now there are only very few limits set to breeding activity and variety. That will probably change in near future. What legislation and clubs will not be able to regulate is the personal respect and responsibility that we should pay to the creature, the favored breed particularly.
Unfortunately some incrossings of other breeds happened in the past. As the base of purebred Turkish Angoras is very small, this should not happen again. Our Turks must be protected from further experiments (new colors...).
Those who don't have patience, love and the necessary knowledge to work for the realizable goals by selecting within the breed, better try to find another hobby!
This Turkish cat breed must be preserved by it's natural original beauty, it's robust healthiness and it's incomparable character as Allah made it.


April 1998, updated 20. February 1999